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VIP Prespuds and DWOP/CWOPs
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Petroleum Graphs


Drilling Software Tools

Online Stuck Pipe Worksheet HERE

Total Nozzle Flow Area Calculator
...up to 8 nozzles...here

  Give Your Roughnecks the VIP™ Treatment!  
Value Improvement Planning (VIP)™   Workshops!
(Think of it as Tech Limits on steroids!)

Get more from your drilling AND completion operations...faster drilling, faster completions, better production AND less downtime for all operations!

Check here for a success story 
where over $2 million was saved over the previous RECORD well!

US Patent 5,934,389 Issues! "Method for Increasing Hydraulic Efficiency of Drilling"

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Other Drilling Workshops

On-site Training and Course Development   -  Oil and Gas Well Drilling Engineering - Operations and Procedural Audits - Internet Web Site Assistance - Technology Transfer

Special Projects - Technical & Financial *

Welcome. We provide consulting engineering services to the oil industry around the world, focusing on drilling technologies, technology transfer, and training. The science of wellbore hydraulics is one of our specialties.  We are located near Houston, Texas, but work worldwide. Hence, no matter where you are reading this from, feel free to inquire as to our needs, send us a resume, or better yet, allow us to bid on projects you have. In any case, we look forward to hearing from you.


Planning Workshops!

Have your offshore, intelligent completion, extended reach, horizontal, deepwater, or otherwise high profile project drilling and completion team members join the thousands who have benefited from various planning workshops presented by Mark Ramsey, including:

Rig Team Planning / Pre - Spuds:
Value Improvement Planning (VIP)™ Workshops
This workshop has saved teams millions in reduced trouble time and by improving productive time!

Introductory Drilling:

Advanced Drilling:

Rig Team Workshops:
Training to Reduce Unscheduled Events

Your Custom Workshop:
Let us know what your needs are!

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