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The following is an excerpt from a recent note we got regarding our VIP workshops (the BP version referred to below is referred to as "Beyond the Best", which has a major subdivision called technical limits). 



Come by for lunch anytime, you know where I am and I'll buy!!  (FYI-estimated savings over the previous BEST WELL was $2.6 million).  Word has it that BP brass in the GoM shelf this week mandated some sort of tech limits process on every well based on our Hedgehog results which got some good press at high levels.  Hopefully that will translate to more work for Texas Drilling Associates and better performance for BP!!!  I am preparing some info to describe what we did to get the performance (much will be window dressing) but I am more and more convinced that our (your) process is the best.  Anyway we will have a lot to talk about when you come by.

(from a BP Drilling Engineer...Nov 6, 2001)


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