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Client List

We have worked in numerous countries for numerous companies over our careers. Below is a partial listing of those companies. Most, but not all, have been oil field related. Importantly, most have also been "repeat" customers, which we consider to be one of our best forms of "feedback"!
bulletAllison-Shoemaker, LLC
bulletAmoco Corporation
bulletAmoco Norway Oil Company
bulletAmoco Exploration UK, Ltd.
bulletAmoco Sharjah
bulletAmoco Trinidad
bulletAmoco Venezuela
bulletBHP Billiton
bulletBP-US GoM (Shelf)
bulletBP-Amoco Norway
bulletBP-Amoco Netherlands
bulletBritish Petroleum (Wytch Farm)
bulletCabot Corporation
bulletCabot Specialty Fluids (Cesium Formate)
bulletCM Properties
bulletCompletion Engineers
bulletDeMatteo Monness LLC
bulletEsso Production Malaysia, Inc. (EPMI)
bulletEsso Norge
bulletEuro-Caribbean Oil Company
bulletExxon Company, International
bulletExxon Company, U.S.A.
bulletExxonMobil, USA (Deepwater GoM)
bulletExxon Production Research Company
bulletForest Oil
bulletGerson Lehrman Group
bulletGlobal Marine Drilling Company
bulletGlobal Petroleum Research Institute (Texas A&M "GPRI")
bulletJapan National Oil Corporation
bulletKuwait Oil Corporation
bulletMaersk Oil and Gas (Copenhagen)
bulletMariner Energy, Inc. (Deepwater Drilling and Completions)
bulletMurphy Publishing, Inc.
bulletNamCor - (Government of Namibia)
bulletNew Life Christian Counseling
bulletNoble Drilling (Deepwater)
bulletNoble Energy
bulletOGCI / Petroskills Training (including obtaining their best ever drilling course evaluation!)
bulletOptimal Resources
bulletPetrobras Americas, Inc.
bulletPioneer Natural Resources, USA (Deepwater)
bulletPTT Dexcel (Malaysia)
bulletSamedan (Deepwater)
bulletSantos (Australia)
bulletTrinidad and Tobago Institute of Technology
bulletU.S. Synthetics (PDC cutter manufacturer, Utah)
bulletVirginia-Indonesian Company (VICO)
bullet...and others...

We are also willing to work with other companies of your choice on joint projects. Companies we have been involved with in the past on such endeavors include:
bulletAberdeen Drilling Schools
bulletJMC Consultants
bulletGarrett Fluid Technology
bulletT. H. Hill and Associates
bulletInternational Drilling Consultants
bulletOGCI / Petroskills Training
bulletRandy Smith Drilling Schools
bullet...and others...

Additionally, our staff believe in community service and routinely volunteer where needed.


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