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Training to Reduce Unscheduled Events
(or "TRUE training")

This highly successful course is specifically tailored for rig teams. The idea is to get the training to the very individuals who are going to actually implement the drilling plan just in time for it to be of use. The course is a unique combination of communication, teamwork, practical drilling tips, experience-tempered drilling theories, and specifics about YOUR PARTICULAR WELLBORE! It may be thought of as an "extended pre-spud" whereas the rig crew skills are brought from that of mostly knowing how to operate the machine we call a "drilling rig" to the point where they are all working as a team, using their brains and not just their hands, to drill a successful, minimum cost wellbore!

Our dedicated staff has been instrumental in the original development and the continuous improvement of the school since its inception for a major multinational oil company. We can provide this training now for companies that have a corporate license.

Maximize your drilling "dollars" today! Call us to arrange for a customized school for your well.

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